ISP-I032 Stainless Steel Eyewash & Shower Safety Station

All Stainless Steel Eyewash & Shower Safety Station, Bottom Drain


Application: Stainless Steel Eye wash & Shower Safety Station in Stainless Steel booth with

single entry and modesty curtain.

This product is ideal for areas that contain sensitive equipment contain water from emergency

shower while keeping the rest of the room dry. Especially useful in clean rooms with perforated floors.

Shower Head: 8″ diameter stainless steel with 20 GPM Flow control.

Shower valve: 1″ stainless steel stay-open ball valve with stainless steel pull rod.

Pulling down on pull rod activates shower; shower remains in operation until

pull rod is returned to original closed position.

Eye wash Spray head Assembly: Two GS-Plus  Spray heads mounted on stainless steel supply arms.

Each Spray Heads has individually adjustable flow control and filter to remove impurities from water

and stainless steel dust covers.

Eye Wash valve: 1/2′ IPS Stainless steel at the bottom and 18 gauge 3 sided enclosure which have

matt finish and welded seams.

Pipe and fitting: All pipe and fitting are brushed stainless steel.

Supply: 1″ NPT top and bottom female inlet.

Waste: 4″ NPT female outlet.

Sign: Furnished with Reflective tape-Indentification sign.

Quality assurance: Unit is completely assembled and water tested prior to shipment.

Available in stainless steel 202, 304, 304L, 316, 316L

The above unit can be designed and fabricated as per customer required.