ISP-7003 Fire Extinguishers Securezone 4KG


ABC Powder-based Fire Extinguishers

Extinguishing Agent:
Uses ABC powder which kills the fire, and brings down the temperature of surrounding areas.
This prevents other fires.
Works on All Types of Fires:
Fights Class A, B, C and electrically started fires.
Safety Seal:
The safety seal can be broken in seconds and saves time in an emergency.
Easy Handling:
The well-designed plastic handle provides better handling and grip.
Discharge Mechanism:
You can control the discharge using its simple squeeze grip activation mechanism, saving the
extinguishing agent so that it can be used on other fires.
Quality Control Systems:
Conforms to BIS standards.
3-year Warranty:
The 3-year warranty means Secure Zone is looking out for the health of your fire safety products.

Technical Specification

Gross Weight: 6.38 kg

Empty Weight: 2.38 kg

FE Height: 372 mm

Diameter: 150 mm

Discharge Time: 13 s

Discharge Mechanism: Squeeze Grip type

Range (not less than) in metres : 2 m

A Rating: 2A

B Rating: 21B

Can Construction: MIG Welded

Valve Construction: Forging & Machining

Internal Coating of Can: NA

External Coating of Can: Epoxy Polyster Powder Coating

Sheet Metal  Thickness (mm): 1.6 mm

Certifications: Conforms to BIS Standards